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Sexy Friday

Once again, it’s time for this week’s sketchblog entry!  The topic this week is “Hot Chicks with Guns!”  Thanks go to the lovely Erika Moen for the suggestion.  I think originally it was supposed to be hot naked chicks with guns, but I decided to cover up the naughty bits for the sake of…well…um, in case my folks ever see my site some day.:’}

So, here you are!  As a tribute to Erika, I kind of made my chick look like her.

Visit Span’s to see his as well!


09 2008


Hullo all! Time once again for that magical Friday um… magic! I like to call it “Sketchblog!”

This week’s theme was Plushies. For those of you not in the know of ultra-geeky D&D homebrew, Plushies are a homebrew(created by some nerd with too much spare time on his hands) race of animated stuffed animals. They’re pretty much insane, and that’s about the long and short of it! Pinky is a Plushie, and for this week’s drawing, I drew her cousin, Inky. Equally insane, slightly more fashion-forward!
Yet again, Span’s is here, and SequentialChick’s is here!


09 2008


How is it Friday again already??

This weeks sketch is Rowan, our party’s half-elf ranger, and her fox, Gus! I did this one as a chibi because at the last PDX Drink and Draw, I drew Rowan as a chibi and it looked like a terrible ninja turtle. This is to make up for that one…

As always,Span’s is here, Sequentialchick’s is here



09 2008


It’s time once again for the sketchblog update! This week was my character, Lumi! As such, I decided to do something a little special. Since she’s a cleric, I figured that she ought to have something she wears while she’s in the temple, because full-plate armor seems a bit excessive.:’} So I designed her nun-type robes, and I’m pretty happy with how they came out. It took me a lot of internet crawling to find nun reference that wasn’t just the traditional black and white! Also, I know I mentioned at some point that I was going to maybe add background or something, but seeing has how this is a sketchblog, and I should be busy doing the other, paying things on my list, I’m leaving it here. Hey, it matches the other ones this way…:’} Spanambula’s can be found on his lj. Enjoy!


09 2008