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Happy Halloween!

This week’s sketchblog almost didn’t get done, but here it is nonetheless!

It’s Ahnka dressed as Sally, from Nightmare Before Christmas!




10 2008

Sketchblog no Jutsu!!!!

Hey!  It’s Friday again, and this week’s theme was Ninja!  We wanted to give fair balance to the internet, since we did Pirates last week.  So I decided to draw myself as a Naruto character!  I had fun.  So much fun, you’ll notice, I’ve even inked and colored it! *gasp*  This is by far the most thought and work I’ve put into a sketchblog entry.:’}

Span’s ishere, and sequentialchick’s is here!


10 2008

Today’s sketch is rated “Arrrrrrrrrr!”

This week’s theme was Pirates!  But I was so blasted busy with work that this is all I managed to do.  I literally sat down and started drawing the first pirate-y thing that came to mind 20 minutes ago.  I was going for roguishly handsome, but I think the best I managed was an aw-shucks…ah well.  I still think he is kind of handsome…:’}

Span’s will eventually be here, and I am told Sequentialchick is joining us again, so her’s should eventually be here!



10 2008

Abomination Friday!

Yeah, it’s Friday again. I’m a little busy this week, but this time my post is on time! It’s also not nearly as detailed as previous posts, so you’ll have to forgive me. Like I said, I’ve been busy.:’}

Anyhow, this week’s theme was “Animal/Appliance Crossbreeds!” Mine is the dreaded Labra-Toast Retriever!

Click here for whatever Span’s twisted mind has come up with(as of typing this, I have no idea)!


10 2008

Ladies aaaaaand Gentlemen!

We are LIVE!

That’s right!  This site is officially up and running!  To welcome you folks to the all new, I’m posting these two images I finished coloring today!

The first is a drawing of my other Gnome rogue, Ahnkadora Minty Pelawyn Thornblossom.


The second is a user icon I designed for use on the D&D forum I visit.  I has both my online characters, Ahnka and Pinky.


Enjoy the new site!  I hope to be posting things here quite often now.  Feel free to leave me a comment telling me what a HUGE and INCORRIGIBLE nerd I am!

Just one word, the demo reel page seems to be having a few issues, but I’ll be fixing that just as soon as I figure out what’s wrong with it…:’}

Fixed it!


10 2008

Rainy Day Blogging

Yes, I know it’s technically Saturday, and that I blew my usual Friday deadline for the sketchblog.  Sincere apologies to you, my expectant readers.  All 3 or so of you.;’}

Anyhow, this week’s drawing was originally going to be a farewell to summer post, with the theme being “At The Beach.”  But if you live in Portland, you know it rained all day, and the beach was the furthest thing from my mind.  So instead, here’s a rainy day post to match the weather outside.  Span is insisting he’s unhappy with his this week, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.:’}


10 2008