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Secret Friday!

Hey you… psssst!  Don’t tell anyone, but today’s topic is Secret Agents!  I had been thinking about coloring it, but then I decided well…black and white can be fun, too!  For those of you who didn’t see me on Halloween, this is basically me in my Halloween costume, but doctored to make me look even more badass!;’}  Also, yes, that is a USP Compact I’m holding.  It’s my new favorite gun! Wait, I have a favorite gun?  Hehehe, anyhow, enjoy!



11 2008

Underwater Friday!

Greetings, readers of the future!  This week I finished early, and have used the “set it and forget it” option on my site to post this for your regular Friday enjoyment.  Why?  Because I am on vacation!  At the beach!  So here’s a mermaid!




11 2008

Hopeful Friday!

Happy Friday to all of you!  This week’s sketchblog is in honor of our President-Elect, Barak Obama!

I still can’t adequately express how happy I am about the results of the election, but I tried to do a sketch that conveyed some of it!  So this week, I offer you a very heartfelt enjoy! (Wait…does that sentence make any sense at all???) Anyhow, I scanned this in color to show the red pencil it was done with.  Usually, it doesn’t matter to me, but I was really hoping to get a chance to color this.  Since I’ve run out of time, it’s brought to you in patriotic red!  barak.jpg



11 2008

Big and Legitimate!

Hey folks!  Guess what?  I’m an official member of Periscope Studio now! I’m very pleased! To celebrate, I was going to post new life drawing, but since I seem to have forgotten all my sketchbooks at home, I’m going to have to settle for posting a drawing that makes me happy instead!:’}
I’m not nearly so pleased with this drawing of Gneiji as I was with my last one, but they still look cute together!


11 2008