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Tentacle Friday!

I think my studiomates Erika Moen and Dylan Meconis were drawing some sweet-looking Octomaids the other day for an auction, and it made me want to do something tentacley as well. They’re so fun to draw! So here is a Squidmaid. I tried twice to ink this today, but it seems I am having an off day(or I need to pitch my brush and get a new one). I was happy with the pencils, though, and I left it pretty much as-is to show some of the underdrawing. I get hounded a lot about the lack of visible underdrawing in my sketches by people who see my portfolio. I swear, it exists! It just goes down so light that by the time I’m done, it’s either been covered over, or erased away. But at least in this drawing you can still see the remains of the line of action I used to set up the pose. It’s down there at the bottom with the tentacles. Maybe some day I’ll scan in a set of process pictures so folks can see what goes into my drawings. Maybe that’ll be next week’s….
You may also notice I have once again opted for a full-on topless sea lady. It’s my though that if I were a sea lady, I too would go topless. It’s not like anyone who cares will ever see you anyhow. >.>;


06 2009

Not Alone #1

Well, here it is. At the suggestion of several of my cohorts I have decided to give the journal comic thing a try. I’m tentatively calling it “Not Alone.” You’ll see why.
At any rate, here it is, submitted for your approval. Hopefully there will even be a new one this next Wednesday. I’ll just see how it goes. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about putting my feelings out there for everyone to gawk at, but I guess one more excuse to draw comic pages can’t hurt in the least, right?


06 2009

Fancy Friday!

The sketchblog entries keep on rollin’ in! I’ve been on an Ahnka and Gneiji kick for a while, as is becoming apparent with all this artwork. So here they are, all dressed up. We’ll assume they made it out with the scroll and now they’re off for the museum opening. :’}
I figured Gneiji always has something fancy to wear, so why not give Ahnka something nice for once as well.a_g_victorian
Gneiji’s hair has a bad tendency to go “Sideshow Bob” on me, but I did the best I could. If nothing else, I had fun researching the outfits. I changed a few things to suit my own personal tastes, but tried to at least keep the Victorian/Steampunk thing going best I could. Besides, I love drawing gowns with big skirts!


06 2009

Finisher Friday!

Remember that illustration from last week? I colored it! So here it is in all its colored glory! I really had fun working on this. What can I possibly do after this that will be as fun?

Hmmm… maybe another one!


06 2009

OMG Friday!

Holy sugarshack, ladies and gents! It’s been a while since I managed a sketchblog update. Steve Lieber challenged me to do a narrative illustration, so here it is. I’m planning on taking it to colors, but I wanted you all to see it now! I’m so excited!

Gneiji’s creator has been on a Tomb Raider kick lately, so he suggested a shot of Ahnka and Gneiji running from a mummy. This was way fun to do, and I’m hoping to do more like this.


06 2009