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Mononoke Pony

Hey folks!  I did a custom pony!  She’s based on San, from the movie Mononoke Hime.  I had a really fun time making this.  The little kodama are courtesy of Ron Chan.
You can see her, and a bunch of other sweet ponies at the OMG PWN!ES show at the Sequential Art Gallery on December.

Sequential Art Gallery
December 3, 6-10pm
328 NW Broadway, #113
Portland, OR 97209

The show will be up until December 19th, with the gallery being open every Saturday (11a-5p)

Also in the show is this great cephalopony, by Erika Moen!


11 2009

Monsters and Dames

Well, I pushed myself hard to do an illustration for this year’s ECCC edition of Monsters and Dames. Of course, since no one had asked me to do one, and no one was expecting it, it probably won’t be in the book. However, I’m still not sorry I did it. I worked hard, used a bunch of new techniques, and completed it several days before the deadline. Now I have a nifty illustration I think I can be proud of, and will probably sell prints of this at cons.
If nothing else, all of my friends were doing awesome work for this, and I really wanted to be a part of it, and prove to myself that I can produce work. Nothing makes me feel worse than wondering if I’m just posing as someone in the art community in which I exist, or if I actually have the skills and drive to fit in.
Anyhow! Check it out! This piece is also doing double duty as concept art for a short film I’m working on in my spare time at Fashionbuddha. Of which I have very little, but still, I can do this!



11 2009

Unirus: Now in Color!

Hey! I had some spare time, so I digitally inked and colored the unirus. Enjoy!


11 2009


Also, I built this sweet Lamborghini in Illustrator! Tedious as it was, it was also super fun to do, and I’m kind of proud of myself. I’m notoriously bad at drawing cars, usually.X3
Picture 1


11 2009


I was drawing monsters at work yesterday. None of them ended up getting used for anything, but I thought I’d post them here anyhow, because I really liked a few of them. I think my favorites are the weird cow thing and the unirus. You know… a walrus thing with a horn?X3Monsters


11 2009