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Upcoming Changes

Hey ladies and gentlefolks! I wanted to alert you to the fact that I am tired of my current website design, and plan on starting a reboot of this site in the upcoming weeks. So, if anything here starts to look odd or out-of-place, that’s why. Hopefully it will be done quickly, with minimal disruption of your normal viewing pleasure!


02 2010

Not Alone 6

Wow…. it’s been almost a month since I updated this thing.  That’s really, really sad.  This was supposed to be the easy one, too.  Done in a week, I thought.  Suuuuuure.  Well, in my defense, things have been pretty busy here at work, and not having an art-capable computer at home anymore has made things a little more difficult.  But I’m really going to try to be more consistent.  At the very least, not go another month without an update.


Here you go!  Episode 6!  Click to enlarge!


02 2010