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What I’m Up To Right Now!


I survived Comic-Con for another year! I lived specifically so I could tell you all what I’m working on at the moment.

I’m partnering with J. Kingman to bring you fine folks at home the newest issue of The Legend of Larsha! The beautiful and talented Natalie Nourigat was the artist for the first issue! Check it out, and get yourself pumped up for issue two! In the meantime, here’s some character sketches and the pencil version of the cover.



07 2010

Always sunny in San Diego

Hey folks!

I’m going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year! I’ll be there the full length of the con, from Wednesday to Sunday. I won’t have a table, but I will be roaming the floor. So this is my offer for all you folks out there that might also be at SDCC: I’ll have my sketchbook with me, so if you can find me on the floor or out about in town, I’ll give you a free Flaccid Badger sketch!
I know, it’s going to kind of be like Where’s Waldo, but I want a fun game to play!

So come find me at the con! I pretty much look just the way I draw myself, and I’ll be wearing my green Chrome messenger bag.

See you there!


07 2010