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Not Alone 9

I’ve been rather consistent lately with the posting! Welcome to an actual story arc, folks!


08 2010

Web Dunce

I think it’s time to update the look of my site once again. I tried a while back, and never got the theme to work quite how I wanted. This time, I think I’ve picked a better theme, and I’ll actually have time to work on it. What this means is, this place is probably going to look like my bedroom when I was in high school for a while. So, please forgive the upcoming mess. I’m going to try real hard to get it done as soon as possible. Once the dust clears, it should look a lot more professional around here!


08 2010

Now I lay me down not to sleep…

Here’s another Not Alone for you kids! Anyone else ever hear something go bump in the night and then sit up all night with their baseball bat? Just me? Ok…


08 2010

Oh Snap!

Well, sorry for the long, LOOOOONG interlude, dear readers. That is, if there are any of you left out there…

But in the off chance that there are, I have a brand new Not Alone for you! I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsistent with this. I really have been very busy. The comic should explain a little. Also, in the interest of being able to finish these faster, I’m planning on experimenting with the look of it. I’d like to be able to actually keep up, yeah? But that being said, I’m stockpiling right now, so it may be a few weeks til I start posting regularly. I promise to update all the social networks with the news when things get going.

Now, who wants a comic?

Also, The Man is apparently Dracula. For no reason.


08 2010