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“Legend of Larsha 2: Imaginational Magic” Release Party

Hey folks! J. Kingman has organized a release party at Cosmic Monkey for our book, The “Legend of Larsha 2: Imaginational Magic.” It’s December 4th, from 4pm-7pm. It’s shaping up to be a pretty laid back event, and we’re hoping a lot of kids will show up, as the book is aimed at children. I’m going to try and bake some cookies and pie(or pies, if I have time), and bring a bunch of cider and beer! If you’re not already busy this Saturday, stop in and say hi, and see what I’ve been up to lately!
For anyone who is unfamiliar with Larsha, it is currently a two book series about a little girl with mysterious magical powers. Natalie Nourigat drew issue one, and I am doing issue 2. In my issue, Larsha and her ghost brother, Cash, start a game of their own creation called “Monster Quest.” However, not everything goes as planned, and they end up with some unexpected trouble.

Hope to see you there!

“Legend of Larsha 2: Imaginational Magic” Release Party!

December 4th, 4pm-7pm

Cosmic Monkey Comics on Sandy!

Punch and pie!


11 2010

I am we are you are she is

I’m happy to announce that Not Alone will be returning to this site in January! My major commitment ends next Wednesday, giving me the chance to stock up on some new pages before I start posting them again.
However, I’ve decided that Not Alone will be coming to an end in a reasonably short period of time after that. Even though I’ve been busy, I’ve been thinking about the story and how I want it to progress. I have decided that there is a story to be told here, that needs to be told, but it’s not a long one. This comic was created originally as a way for me to cope with my divorce, and all that changed in my life after that happened. I don’t really feel the need to have it be ongoing now that I feel like I’m handling life pretty well, but I do feel like I want to finish telling the story I’ve started. It might clear up a few things, and if nothing else, will make me feel good. Kind of a public “No! Wait! I can explain!!”
Anyhow, after I finish this story, I’d like to develop a different web comic in it’s place. One that’s not autobio, because a) I’m not sure the genre is for me(seriously, my life is super boring), and b) every time I think of something cool I want to do, I feel like I’m just ripping off an already existing autobio comic done by someone way better at it than me!
So right now I am figuring out how to end Not Alone, and how to begin a new work of fictional comics for your enjoyment. I promise to tell you folks more as things develop, but in the mean time I’m going to focus on beating this deadline and getting out more pages of Not Alone!



11 2010

Boys Being Boys

I have been utterly derelict in my girlfriendly duties! I have somehow failed to inform you all, dear readers, of my boyfriend, Ron Chan‘s webcomic. He’s collaborating with his longtime(and my shorttime) pal, Sean Kelley, on a bi-weekly webcomic called Roy’s Boys. Roy(Ron) updates on Mondays, and Shane(Sean) updates on Thursdays.

I love both these guys, and I love this comic! If you like to read about the ridiculous things that guys do when they’ve got nothing better to do, then I think you’ll like it, too! It does get a little on the mature side from time to time, so if you’re not sure how you feel about dudes talking about seeing each other’s nutsacks, you should proceed with caution.

Here, have a sample!

If you like what you see, you can click the link above, or go to my Webcomics links and click through to the Roy’s Boys page! I hope you enjoy it!


11 2010

A Night at the Opera, Part 2

The Portland Opera invited us cartoonists back for another night of fun and drawing on November 1st! We got to see the dress rehearsal of Hansel and Gretel, which had a different feel to it than Pagliacci/Carmina Burana.
I took my drawing in a more cartoony direction this time, and managed to bring a book lamp so I could actually see my paper!
Have a look at what I came up with!


11 2010