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Tin Tin for the Holidays!

I’m sorry. I’ve been remiss with my holiday art obligations. Not that I had any, but I feel like I should have at least made a Christmas card or something. Instead, Joe Keating put out a call for artists everywhere to draw him Tin Tin for the holidays. So what else could I do?
The result was this:

I had more fun drawing this than I had thought I might. I almost decided to do it in the same style as my Wonder Woman Day piece, but I ended up staying closer to Herge’s version of Tin Tin.
My studiomate, Ron Chan, also did a piece. You can view everyone’s rendition, as well as a great chat between Joe Keating and Brandon Graham about all things Tin Tin in three parts: Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Happy holidays, one and all!


12 2010