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Nutella Blossom Cookies!

Here is a recipe comic that shows you how to make delicious, chocolaty Nutella Blossom cookies!



04 2011


Service pangolin.



04 2011


There was talk somewhere on the internet of what if one was the opposite sex they are now. This of course led me to imagine what I would be like as a boy. And then draw it. I am apparently metro, and possibly douchey.



04 2011


One more before I call it a night.



04 2011







04 2011



My recurring stress dream is a wedding that goes all wrong. I know I’m stressed when I dream about weddings. Something always gets messed up. Usually the dress. Whether I don’t have one, or the wrong one, or I don’t have time to put it on, or it gets forgotten, whatever. It’s my personal version of showing up to school nude. Except I am never nude. And it’s a wedding.
Either way, last night I dreamed I was going wedding dress shopping. I remember seeing this dress, and wanting to try it on. I never got around to it, and in fact, left the shop without trying on anything but a pair of red velvet slippers, which I discovered later in the dream I had walked out of the store wearing.
When I woke up, this dress was stuck in my head, so I figured I’d draw it. I thought it might look horrendous in real life, but I kind of like the picture. Maybe it would actually look horrendous if it really existed. Who knows? I can’t hold my brain accountable for the things it dreams up.
Either way, here is this sketch. I did it all on the computer, and it feels very much like a fashion sketch. I think my line got a little thick and marker like.
Now someone make me this dress!


04 2011



I know, I am super behind again. I’m going to try and catch up this week while wading through Stumptown madness. In the meantime, here is a sketch! I was playig around with what I want the bad guy of my story to look like, and tried basing this dude off my Grandpa Farris(who was a great guy, but always looked scary to me). I think I accidentally drew an older, more fat-nosed Luther Levy instead.@___@


04 2011

New for Stumptown!

I’m going to be at Stumptown! You can come see me at table B-24. I’ll have copies of Flaccid Badger 1 and 2, Legend of Larsha: Imaginational Magic, as well as some swell prints!
Speaking of swell prints, these brand-spanking new Flaccid Badger prints are going to make their debut at Stumptown! Here is a sneak peak for you while I finish them up!

Flaccid Badger:

Blind Elk:

Disgruntled Bear:


04 2011

Three Sixty Five

I’m at it with the character concepts again. I’m back to Lumi, and trying to figure out how I want her armor and weapon to look. I’m having a blast with these. Can’t wait to move on to the other characters!



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04 2011

Japan Week Auction!

Hey everyone!

We’re into the last 24 hours for my Japan Week piece! The bidding ends tomorrow afternoon. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the Ebay page and look at the pieces there, you should go now! Click here! Both my piece and my studiomate, Aaron McConnell’s, piece are into the final throws! Don’t miss out on a fantastic chance to get some great art, and help out the people of Japan at the same time.
All proceeds from these sales will be donated directly to Mercy Corps, who are working with the Japanese charity and aid group Peace Winds. Your dollars will go directly to helping the people over there in the most need.
This auction has been a great success already, and I could have asked for a better group of artists to go in on this endeavor with. While you’re there, my studiomates Natalie Nourigat, Ben Dewey, and Jonathan Case have pieces up as well, and you should really give them a look. If you’re strapped for cash but still want to help, share this post, share the Ebay link! Pass it around so we can spread the word and do the most possible good!

Thanks everyone!!!


04 2011