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My friend and studiomate, Ron Randall, is launching his Trekker series as a webcomic! To celebrate, myself and fellow Periscopers have been doing Trekker fan art. This is my piece!

If you want to find out more about Trekker, click here.


09 2011

Don’t Say Goodbye

Here is my finished submission for Monsters And Dames. The Monsters And Dames book compiled by the folks at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, and sold every year at the show for charity.

I’m hoping against hope my entry makes it in this year!


09 2011

Monsters and Dames!

Here’s a line art preview for my Monsters and Dames entry this year!


09 2011

Women of Wonder Day!

Here is my finished piece for Women of Wonder Day, 2011! I had such a fun time doing this piece, I think I’ll be a little sorry to let it out of my hands. But it means that YOU, dear reader, have a chance to own it! The money is all going for a great cause, so why not familiarize yourself with?


09 2011

Women of Wonder Day!

Here’s a rough pencil preview of my Women of Wonder Day 2012 piece! I can’t wait to finish this off!


09 2011

My Wolverine, Let Me Show You It.

I drew Wolverine. Because he is a badass, and I have been waiting my entire professional(and unprofessional) career to draw him. It just now hit me that I don’t have to draw like Jim Lee, or anyone else, to draw Wolverine. Sad, huh? But better late than never!


09 2011