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Captain Picard Day

Floating World Comics had a sweet Captain Picard Day art show, and I created this for the event! Happy Captain Picard Day!!!


11 2011

Friendly Neighborhood Spider ‘Stache!

So, I drew this.

As some of you may be aware, Movember is upon us! I cannot grow a mustache, sadly, so instead, I am doing mustache art! This is my first of what I hope will be several pieces. It’s ink and watercolor on 500 Series Bristol!

It can be yours for all time with a $50 donation to Movember! Just follow this link to make your donation, and include the note “FARRIS SPIDER-MAN”!

All your dollars go to eradicate cancer, so you couldn’t feel better about getting this piece!

More info here, at Joe Keating’s site!


11 2011

Women of Wonder Day wrap-up!

As most of you know, I had the pleasure of being a guest at this year’s Women of Wonder Day event at Excalibur Comics! I sgared a table with a bunch of fantastic artists, and did some commissions for donations to Bradley Angel, a domestic violence victim charity.

It was truly a pleasure, and I enjoyed seeing so many of you come out and support the cause! Here are a few of my favorite commissions from the event.

Birds of Prey!

Dorothy and Toto!


11 2011

A Very Scott Pilgrim Halloween

Hey folks! I’m going to take this moment to shamelessly show off my halloween costume from this year! I was Ramona Flowers, and it was probably one of most fun(and practical) costumes yet!
Also, I swear to you I had boots for this outfit. I just… forgot to put them on for the photos and didn’t realize it!^_^;;;


11 2011