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Wonder Northwest 2012!

Hello loyal blog followers! Just a quick post to say that I will be appearing on a panel at Wonder Northwest this Sunday! I’ll be on the “Inside Periscope Studio” panel, happening at 3pm on Sunday!

Join my fellow studiomates Steve Lieber and Natalie Nourigat, and me as we spill the beans on what it’s like to be in the largest comics collective in North America!

Hope to see you there!<3


05 2012

If Money Could Shout

Guess what? I’m in an anthology! I am proud to say I am one of 8 artists who participated in an anthology project titled: “If Money Could Shout: The Brutal Truth For Teens”. The stories were written by Paul Nourigat, who is looking to comics as a fun and relevant way to communicate to teens about finances. Check out the press release!

“Consultant and author Paul Nourigat has released a breakthrough graphic novel about personal finance for teens and young adults.  This eight story anthology completes a circle he began over a year ago,  as he produced six books oriented to younger readers.  IF MONEY COULD SHOUT blends messaging about the financial facts of life throughout each of its eight fictional stories, along with extensive imagery to connect teens with poorly understood financial topics.


Says Nourigat …”The teen audience is very discerning and required great attention to the balance of images and text.  I’m really pleased with the creative power in this book and the 400+ original illustrations, engaging readers in fundamental but mature financial messaging and stories.  My objective is to empower young people with facts and perspectives on key financial topics, so they may enjoy greater success in our increasingly competitive world. As youth step into adulthood, they deserve greater financial insights than traditionally available.”


Attached is a digital peek into this innovative new book, including the first page of each of the eight stories, showcasing the marvelous and diverse illustrations produced by eight talented artists from across America.


The books are immediately available on and


A publisher-direct “support your school” program will be offered to individuals and companies who would like to purchase a block of discounted books as a gift for a favorite school or community organization (20 or more books).”

Here’s a page from my story, “The Graduate”. The lettering was done after I submitted my art, so if you want to read it, buy the book!;)


05 2012

I’m Your Silver Lining

I recently had the great pleasure of being asked to watercolor over my original art for my Luna Lovegood print. I wanted to stay as close as possible to my original idea, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. So in true Farris form, I just started painting and hoped for the best! The result was a piece of original art I am truly proud of, and I got to experiment with a few new techniques that I can now add to my watercoloring bag of tricks. I like the hand-colored version so much, I’m considering getting prints of it made to replace the computer version I currently offer.

I hope you like it, too!



05 2012

Candide, or “Optimism”!

Last night, the Portland Opera folks were kind enough to let us sit in on the dress rehearsal of their latest production: “Candide”. Out of all the lovely productions they’ve invited us to in the past, I think Candide reigns as my personal favorite. It was funny, well-sung/acted, and has a woman with only one buttock! How can you not love it? But don’t just take my word for it. If you live in the are and would like to experience Candide for yourself, I have a special offer for 50% of tickets! Sweet, huh? Just follow this link: and use the password GLITTER.

Also, many thanks to Morton’s Steakhouse for providing us with lovely free wine and food, including excellent mini steak sandwiches! It’s always such a treat to feel pampered for an evening.

I got quite a few sketches out of the evening, and I’m posting them all here for your enjoyment!


05 2012

Life Drawing Returns!

It’s been a while since I sidled up to the old life drawing board. Well, sketchbook, really, but it doesn’t matter. I managed to get a few good things out of the session this time. My last few have been…well… they’ve been, to say the least.

This time, I was determined to get some good art out of it! To start, I decided that I’ve been getting too “precious” with my gesture sketching lately. This time around, I used my Pentel pocketbrush for the gestures, and saw a big difference. I got to take back some of the fluidity and spontaneity I used to have with my quicker work.

The rest of the night went in a slightly different direction. I’m trying to find ways to draw a little more realistically, but keep a cartoony feel to it. It’s fun to branch out.
I just wish I’d had a way to do ink washes, because these drawings took less time than I thought, and they are a little lacking in tone. Still, overlooking a few anatomy errors here and there, I think I achieved my goal. I’ll be trying this again next session!


05 2012