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Casanova…And A Sloth!

I had the most sincere pleasure of inking over my studiomate Steve Lieber’s pencils on this fantastic Casanova Quinn drawing! I think the sloth he added was a nice touch, don’t you?

The original pencils:

And the finished piece!


07 2012

Summer Time At The Beach!

Periscope Studio is having a sale to celebrate NOT being at SDCC! One of the themes was Summer Vacation, so of course I had to do Lilo and Stitch!

This piece is up on the Periscope Studio Etsy right now! Plus, if you use the code NONCON, you’ll get 10% off! Be sure to check out all the great art available, because these are pieces you can’t get anywhere else!


07 2012

Hark, A Tarsier!

Fellow studiomate Ben Dewey told me he wanted to see me draw a tarsier, since it looked like something I would have invented anyhow. So I obliged him, and this is the result!


07 2012