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Wake Up And Kumoricon!


Today was Wake Up And Draw Day, celebrating Jack Kirby, and benefiting The Hero Initiative! Everyone involved was asked to wake up and draw one thing, so of course I thought of Wolverine! Of course, I missed the part where almost everyone was doing actual Jack Kirby characters this year… Hopefully no one is too insulted! v.v


It’s my understanding that you’ll be able to buy this at some point. I’ll keep you posted!

In other news, this weekend is Kumoricon! I’ll be there, tabling with some of my studiomates, and selling my usual things. Brand new for the show are a set of four prints of my interpretations of Homestuck characters! I am part of a blog that takes text descriptions of Homestuck characters, and then attempts to draw them based solely on how folks describe them to us in words. It’s been really fun, so check it out here if you’re curious!

Here’s my Karkat:

karkatAnyhow, I hope to see some of you at Kumoricon this weekend!


08 2013


Hey folks!

I was lucky enough to get a spot in the infamous Bartkira project, started by James Harvey! My pages were from Volume 6, 311-315.

This project was wicked fun in so many ways, and I am really proud to be a part of it. Just please, nobody sue us for copyright infringement, ok?




05 2013

Stumptown 2013!

Hi folks!

It was super great to see all of you at Stumptown this year! I had a lot of fun, met awesome folks, and did some great sketches! Thanks one and all for making it such a great show, and thanks to those who showed up to support me in the Comic Art Battle this year! Check below to see the convention sketches I did:

WP_000391 WP_000395 WP_000398 WP_000401 WP_000407


05 2013

Casanova…And A Sloth!

I had the most sincere pleasure of inking over my studiomate Steve Lieber’s pencils on this fantastic Casanova Quinn drawing! I think the sloth he added was a nice touch, don’t you?

The original pencils:

And the finished piece!


07 2012

Summer Time At The Beach!

Periscope Studio is having a sale to celebrate NOT being at SDCC! One of the themes was Summer Vacation, so of course I had to do Lilo and Stitch!

This piece is up on the Periscope Studio Etsy right now! Plus, if you use the code NONCON, you’ll get 10% off! Be sure to check out all the great art available, because these are pieces you can’t get anywhere else!


07 2012

Hark, A Tarsier!

Fellow studiomate Ben Dewey told me he wanted to see me draw a tarsier, since it looked like something I would have invented anyhow. So I obliged him, and this is the result!


07 2012


I was asked to do a piece for this year’s CBLDF art auction at San Diego Comic Con! I’m super excited that I can finally show off the piece. I had a ton of fun working on this, and I hope it can raise some sweet money.

EDIT: I’ve been told that in order to preserve a good relationship with Marvel, I’m not allowed to actually post the image of my art here. So instead, please click this link and check it out here!


06 2012

I’m Your Silver Lining

I recently had the great pleasure of being asked to watercolor over my original art for my Luna Lovegood print. I wanted to stay as close as possible to my original idea, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. So in true Farris form, I just started painting and hoped for the best! The result was a piece of original art I am truly proud of, and I got to experiment with a few new techniques that I can now add to my watercoloring bag of tricks. I like the hand-colored version so much, I’m considering getting prints of it made to replace the computer version I currently offer.

I hope you like it, too!



05 2012

Captain Picard Day

Floating World Comics had a sweet Captain Picard Day art show, and I created this for the event! Happy Captain Picard Day!!!


11 2011

Friendly Neighborhood Spider ‘Stache!

So, I drew this.

As some of you may be aware, Movember is upon us! I cannot grow a mustache, sadly, so instead, I am doing mustache art! This is my first of what I hope will be several pieces. It’s ink and watercolor on 500 Series Bristol!

It can be yours for all time with a $50 donation to Movember! Just follow this link to make your donation, and include the note “FARRIS SPIDER-MAN”!

All your dollars go to eradicate cancer, so you couldn’t feel better about getting this piece!

More info here, at Joe Keating’s site!


11 2011