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For All My Homies

Ok, so it’s a day late for most folks, BUT STILL. Be safe out there!



07 2011

Life Drawing: Part 2

As promised, here is more life drawing! This time from this month.

Gesture sketching is probably my favorite part of life drawing. Since I studied as a traditional animator in college, I love drawing fast, expressive things! These were 1 minute, which seems long to me for gestures. I’m used to getting 30 seconds at most!

Even when the poses get longer, I try to keep things as loose as I can.

 Sometimes the model hits the perfect pose, and I actually manage to take advantage of it!

When I have 30 minutes to do a drawing, I try to pay attention not just to the figure, but also to the setting. Even a small suggestion of setting can really give your drawing something special.


07 2011

Life Drawing: Part 1

I’ve gotten back into the habit of doing life drawing again lately, so I decided I would start posting them up here for you folks to have a look at. These were done last month, and they were my first foray back into life drawing after at least a year off. You can really see me trying hard to get my brain back into life drawing mode with these.


Which is fine, because that’s part of drawing sometimes. You swap your brain into different modes for different jobs and occasions.


I like the challenge provided by drawing from life. Especially since I’ve spent a lot of time doing cartoony stuff recently. And to be fair, even my life drawing tends to get a little cartoony most times, but there is a certain way I approach it that’s different from when I’m drawing characters out of my head.


Even though these drawings are somewhat cartoony, I try hard to use life drawing as an opportunity to observe light, and the human form as best I can.


But I also try not to get too caught up in doing tight renderings.


Half the fun of life drawing for me is the sense of spontaneity it allows me to keep in my art. Especially because most poses don’t last longer than 15 minutes.


Of course, as you can see in the drawing above, not every drawing is a winner, and I sometimes get distracted after I realized I’ve completely botched a pose. I’ll usually doodle in the margins until the time is up.


If ¬†it’s a really long pose, sometimes I’ll finish a full body sketch, and then move on to individual studies of things I think I need more work on(read: Hands).

Part two coming on Monday!


07 2011

There’s A War On

Last week was World War 2 mashed with Dinosaurs week for the Periscope Sketch Challenge! AS such, I did this somewhat disturbing piece imagining Hitler and Mussolini as dinosaurs. My original idea was to do an American soldier as a dinosaur, but while I was googling WWII images, I came across this image of Hitler and Mussolini, and decided that was what I wanted to draw.
No one hate me. I don’t support Fascism! I just thought this was a silly image.

That is all.


07 2011

Put Our Science To The Test!

For Periscope’s Sketch Challenge this week, we’re doing Disney Princesses. I decided to mash up Beauty And The Beast with Portal. Because, you know… Belle…Chell….get it?X3


06 2011

Emerald City is the best around!

I’m back from Emerald City Comic Con 2011, with pictures and high praise! I had a really great time meeting fans and new folks alike, as well as doing lots of sketches! It was so great to see everyone.
Now I am going to be cheap, and use my con sketches to help me catch up on my daily sketch blog. Most of the pictures are less than great quality, as all I had time to do before handing off the drawing was snap a quick picture with my old iphone. I hope you enjoy them anyhow!


She-Ra, Princess of Power!
My first sketch of the con, commissioned about 5 minutes after the doors opened on Friday! Best start to a convention ever.


Poison Ivy
This was one I did for myself, rather than someone else. She sat on my table and attracted some business for me, as well as a few people who thought she was Tinkerbell…


Basil, from The Great Mouse Detective.
Commissioned by a little girl dressed as Underdog!


A Kiwi bird.
This was a blast to draw. I love kiwi birds!


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Snakes!


Dylan and Rhys as Batman and Superman
I was asked to draw someone’s cousins(or was it nephews?^^;) as Batman and Superman! This was really challenging, but also very rewarding. The man who commissioned it took this scan for me.:)


Parrot Girl
Based on Hawkgirl. This was a portrait of someone’s girlfriend, who happens to be in the parrot business!


A leopard
Commissioned by a very little, very adorable girl with a tiny sketchbook.

Thank you everyone for coming out and helping to make ECCC 2011 such a great show!


03 2011

Sandy Friday!

Hello all, and welcome once again to sketchblog Fridays here on! This last weekend, I had a wonderful trip out to Cannon Beach! I haven’t been out there since I was really little, so I was excited to go back. I actually did this exact pose, come to think of it…X3 Mmmm…beach!
I’m not 100% sure what all is up with the background, but there it is. I dunno. I had fun doing this.:’}


08 2009

Bikini Friday!

Bet you weren’t expecting a sketchblog update, huh? :’} I managed to get one out, thought Not Alone is on hold for the time being. Anyhow…
A friend of mine brought me back a copy of Chris Sanders’ Sketchbook #3, and looking through it I couldn’t help but want to try out doing something in his style There’s something to be said for trying to learn how to draw like someone else. I spent a lot of time looking at his work and noticing how he does things, and also learning how I can apply some of that to what I do in my own work so I can get better! It’s not perfect, but I do like the way it came out, and I had fun doing it!


07 2009

Tentacle Friday!

I think my studiomates Erika Moen and Dylan Meconis were drawing some sweet-looking Octomaids the other day for an auction, and it made me want to do something tentacley as well. They’re so fun to draw! So here is a Squidmaid. I tried twice to ink this today, but it seems I am having an off day(or I need to pitch my brush and get a new one). I was happy with the pencils, though, and I left it pretty much as-is to show some of the underdrawing. I get hounded a lot about the lack of visible underdrawing in my sketches by people who see my portfolio. I swear, it exists! It just goes down so light that by the time I’m done, it’s either been covered over, or erased away. But at least in this drawing you can still see the remains of the line of action I used to set up the pose. It’s down there at the bottom with the tentacles. Maybe some day I’ll scan in a set of process pictures so folks can see what goes into my drawings. Maybe that’ll be next week’s….
You may also notice I have once again opted for a full-on topless sea lady. It’s my though that if I were a sea lady, I too would go topless. It’s not like anyone who cares will ever see you anyhow. >.>;


06 2009

Fancy Friday!

The sketchblog entries keep on rollin’ in! I’ve been on an Ahnka and Gneiji kick for a while, as is becoming apparent with all this artwork. So here they are, all dressed up. We’ll assume they made it out with the scroll and now they’re off for the museum opening. :’}
I figured Gneiji always has something fancy to wear, so why not give Ahnka something nice for once as well.a_g_victorian
Gneiji’s hair has a bad tendency to go “Sideshow Bob” on me, but I did the best I could. If nothing else, I had fun researching the outfits. I changed a few things to suit my own personal tastes, but tried to at least keep the Victorian/Steampunk thing going best I could. Besides, I love drawing gowns with big skirts!


06 2009