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04 2011

More Catch-Up

Ok, I am still behind, but these make me LESS behind on my 365 blog!
I am still day dreaming about that story idea, and hence I am doing character sketches. The more I sketch and think about this idea, the more excited I get about making it real, and the more I get flustered that the story is still so vague. Anyone have any writing tips they’d like to share with me?X3






03 2011

Fancy Friday!

The sketchblog entries keep on rollin’ in! I’ve been on an Ahnka and Gneiji kick for a while, as is becoming apparent with all this artwork. So here they are, all dressed up. We’ll assume they made it out with the scroll and now they’re off for the museum opening. :’}
I figured Gneiji always has something fancy to wear, so why not give Ahnka something nice for once as well.a_g_victorian
Gneiji’s hair has a bad tendency to go “Sideshow Bob” on me, but I did the best I could. If nothing else, I had fun researching the outfits. I changed a few things to suit my own personal tastes, but tried to at least keep the Victorian/Steampunk thing going best I could. Besides, I love drawing gowns with big skirts!


06 2009

Finisher Friday!

Remember that illustration from last week? I colored it! So here it is in all its colored glory! I really had fun working on this. What can I possibly do after this that will be as fun?

Hmmm… maybe another one!


06 2009

OMG Friday!

Holy sugarshack, ladies and gents! It’s been a while since I managed a sketchblog update. Steve Lieber challenged me to do a narrative illustration, so here it is. I’m planning on taking it to colors, but I wanted you all to see it now! I’m so excited!

Gneiji’s creator has been on a Tomb Raider kick lately, so he suggested a shot of Ahnka and Gneiji running from a mummy. This was way fun to do, and I’m hoping to do more like this.


06 2009

Drapery Friday!

Hey all!  In looking at my work recently, I’ve noticed that one thing I could use improvement on is my drapery.  So I thought, what better way to practice than to draw a wedding dress!  So, here is Ahnka in a wedding dress.:)

This week, my husband, Rich, made a sketchblog post where he talks about sometimes going overboard on sketches for his blog.  This week he posted the pencils only, what he usually inks over.  So now I’m feeling inspired, and thought that this week, just for fun, I would post both the finished product and the original pencils.  I think the sketch had something nice that the final draft loses.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the finished work is poor in any way.  But anyone who does a lot of sketching tends to notice drawings lose some of the spontaneity and “life” that they had as rough pencils.  One of these days, I’ll figure out how to keep that from happening.

Anyhow, enough talking!  Here are the drawings!  I also drew the back of the dress, but didn’t take it to inks.  Enjoy!



01 2009

Merry Merry!

Hey!  Here is a Christmas card I made for a friend of mine.  It’s our roleplaying characters.:’}

*ducks as the entire internet points and shouts “NERD!!!!!”*



01 2009

Big and Legitimate!

Hey folks!  Guess what?  I’m an official member of Periscope Studio now! I’m very pleased! To celebrate, I was going to post new life drawing, but since I seem to have forgotten all my sketchbooks at home, I’m going to have to settle for posting a drawing that makes me happy instead!:’}
I’m not nearly so pleased with this drawing of Gneiji as I was with my last one, but they still look cute together!


11 2008


Happy Halloween!

This week’s sketchblog almost didn’t get done, but here it is nonetheless!

It’s Ahnka dressed as Sally, from Nightmare Before Christmas!




10 2008

Ladies aaaaaand Gentlemen!

We are LIVE!

That’s right!  This site is officially up and running!  To welcome you folks to the all new, I’m posting these two images I finished coloring today!

The first is a drawing of my other Gnome rogue, Ahnkadora Minty Pelawyn Thornblossom.


The second is a user icon I designed for use on the D&D forum I visit.  I has both my online characters, Ahnka and Pinky.


Enjoy the new site!  I hope to be posting things here quite often now.  Feel free to leave me a comment telling me what a HUGE and INCORRIGIBLE nerd I am!

Just one word, the demo reel page seems to be having a few issues, but I’ll be fixing that just as soon as I figure out what’s wrong with it…:’}

Fixed it!


10 2008