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Lost In Space

I did a piece for the IndieCade Holiday Party Art Show! It’s going to be auctioned off to support IndieCade.

Drawing on this card was a challenge, because the surface was slick and shiny. So all the cool effects-like stuff going on with this piece is just how my india ink naturally reacted to the paper. I also forced myself to use a lot of black. Of course… I blacked out some stuff on the figures before I realized I wanted to black in the background, so a few things got lost. Oh well!


12 2011

Aliens! Pirates! Arrrg!!

Hey folks!

This summer, I was asked to draw a series of backgrounds and characters for some phone game called “Alien Pirates.”

Hope you like it!


10 2011

Look out, Isaac!!!

Also, working away on some Dead Space fan art. It’s kind of a challenge to chibi-ize a character like Isaac Clarke, because it leaves a lot less space for detail in his armor. I’ hoping I can keep it as accurate as possible while still having it read properly.
If I continue to have enough free time this week, I’m going to try and finish this up for Periscope’s sketch challenge. This week is Tentacles…. I think….X3



03 2011