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Another Castle!


Hello all!

It’s been a while since I updated, so I thought I’d share some new art with you! I was recently asked by Oni Press to do a special variant cover for Another Castle. It’s a brand new comic by Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau, and it’s full of fun characters, and heartfelt story. If you read my webcomic, The Last Diplomat, you may really enjoy Another Castle!

This cover art is only available through Jesse James Comics, so if you have a chance to pick one up, do it!


03 2016

Wake Up And Kumoricon!


Today was Wake Up And Draw Day, celebrating Jack Kirby, and benefiting The Hero Initiative! Everyone involved was asked to wake up and draw one thing, so of course I thought of Wolverine! Of course, I missed the part where almost everyone was doing actual Jack Kirby characters this year… Hopefully no one is too insulted! v.v


It’s my understanding that you’ll be able to buy this at some point. I’ll keep you posted!

In other news, this weekend is Kumoricon! I’ll be there, tabling with some of my studiomates, and selling my usual things. Brand new for the show are a set of four prints of my interpretations of Homestuck characters! I am part of a blog that takes text descriptions of Homestuck characters, and then attempts to draw them based solely on how folks describe them to us in words. It’s been really fun, so check it out here if you’re curious!

Here’s my Karkat:

karkatAnyhow, I hope to see some of you at Kumoricon this weekend!


08 2013

Roy’s Boys: Year Two, and ECCC 2013!

Hi again!

I’m back yet again, with two pieces of info that you might be into.

1) My lovely boy, Ron Chan, just received his copies of Roy’s Boys: Year Two! It collects the second year of his webstrip with buddy, Sean Kelley, and is possibly full of even funnier strips than the Year One book. Also, I did some fan art that appears in the back of the book!




2) I will be appearing at Emerald City Comic Con 2013 this year! I’m super excited to be a part of the radical show once again. Also, a reminder, my work will be appearing the the Monsters And Dames book this year, so be sure to check that out as well.

3) (Ok, so I was mistaken, I have three things to say!) There will be new Flaccid Badger debuting at ECCC! Be sure to stop by my table at Periscope Island to check out Flaccid Badger’s Spring Break, and pick up a fun Flaccid Badger Super Pack from me while I still have some!

All right, that’s everything! See you at the show!:D


02 2013


I was asked to do a piece for this year’s CBLDF art auction at San Diego Comic Con! I’m super excited that I can finally show off the piece. I had a ton of fun working on this, and I hope it can raise some sweet money.

EDIT: I’ve been told that in order to preserve a good relationship with Marvel, I’m not allowed to actually post the image of my art here. So instead, please click this link and check it out here!


06 2012

My Wolverine, Let Me Show You It.

I drew Wolverine. Because he is a badass, and I have been waiting my entire professional(and unprofessional) career to draw him. It just now hit me that I don’t have to draw like Jim Lee, or anyone else, to draw Wolverine. Sad, huh? But better late than never!


09 2011




04 2011

Ellie! There’s a giant tentacle….

Another latecomer for the Periscope Sketch challenge.
Can you tell what I’ve been playing recently? I have never pegged myself as a horror-genre gamer, but I was always secretly jealous of the people I knew who would play Silent Hill games in the dark, with surround sound. I felt like they were having a creepy experience that might be potentially delicious in it’s adrenaline-soaked terror. Does that sentence even make sense?
Either way, after playing Bioshock, I got a taste for scary games, and my most recent pursuit was Dead Space. I’m glad Ron let me play it, because this game was probably the most terrifying game I have played in my life. Ever.
Despite having a little trouble getting to sleep some nights, the intense fear I felt while sharing some time with Isaac Clarke was half the fun of the game. Who doesn’t want to spend their Saturday night alone, in the dark, screaming at their tv screen while pressing R1 as fast as humanly possible?X3



03 2011

O Hai

Remember this piece?

Well, it’s up for sale on the Periscope Etsy! You can see a better photo there. This was done on bristol board, with watercolor and ink. I did this while at Emerald City Comic Con 2011, for no one in particular. It just popped into my head. So perhaps you could argue that I drew it just for you.;)


03 2011

Hopeful Friday!

Happy Friday to all of you!  This week’s sketchblog is in honor of our President-Elect, Barak Obama!

I still can’t adequately express how happy I am about the results of the election, but I tried to do a sketch that conveyed some of it!  So this week, I offer you a very heartfelt enjoy! (Wait…does that sentence make any sense at all???) Anyhow, I scanned this in color to show the red pencil it was done with.  Usually, it doesn’t matter to me, but I was really hoping to get a chance to color this.  Since I’ve run out of time, it’s brought to you in patriotic red!  barak.jpg



11 2008