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ECCC 2015!

It’s been a busy 2015 so far for me! I’ve had a bunch of fun stuff to work on, and several things I’ve been looking forward to sharing have started coming out!

To start, I’ll be attending Emerald City Comic Con again this year! You can find me at booth 1214, along with all my crazy Periscope Studiomates! I’ll have prints, mini comics, and copies of the brand new Emily and the Strangers: Breaking The Record trade. I’ll also be taking commissions, so please come by and say hello!


I was lucky enough to be asked to do an Urchin Story for Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Bandette! For those that don’t know, the Urchin Stories expand on the Bandette universe, telling small tales about the many characters that inhabit it! I got to do a Heloise story, which is great, because Heloise is my favorite!<3 The pages have been added to my Comics gallery, but you can also see them here!


Secondly, I’m going to be doing some fun, one-page comics in the Sixth Gun universe! You can see the first one in the back of Sixth Gun: Dust To Dust issue #1, written by Cullen Bunn, art by Tyler Crook, and colors by Bill Crabtree! Sixth Gun is absolutely one of my favorite titles out right now, and I’m super honored to be able to tell some silly stories with Drake and company.



Lastly my webcomic, The Last Diplomat, launched it’s very own Patreon in January! Doing The Last Diplomat has been so fun and rewarding, and I’m happy to have a Patreon so I can share a bunch of fun extra things with fans of the comic. If you’d like to support me, you can check out my Patreon here.

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03 2015

Emily and the Strangers!

Hi guys! I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be doing sweet, sweet art for the next three issues of Emily and the Strangers with Dark Horse Comics!

I’ll try to post some non-spoilery art things here from time to time, and some process stuff as well!

In the meantime, get PUMPED for the new issues by reading this Geek and Sundry exclusive interview with Emily creator Rob Reger, and my writer, Mariah Huehner! They even threw in a few pieces of my art for good measure.:D

Here are some character sketches I did of the characters!

emily sketch emilysketch_2 emilysketch_3 emilysketch_4



02 2014

After A While

So, it’s been a while since I posted, but never fear, for new content is here RIGHT NOW! I bet you’ve all been wondering what has been consuming my time as of late(and if you haven’t, well, too bad!). I recently finished production on a brand new comic written by J. Kingman, who I collaborated on Legend of Larsha 2: Imaginational Magic with.
This new book is called “Queer Weather”, and it’s a lot more grown-up than Larsha, so it pushed me to draw in a different way. I’m really proud of the results, and here are a few of my favorite pages so you can see why! It debuted at Emerald City Comic Con this year, and will also be available at Stumptown at my table there!
If you want to see all the pages, I’ve uploaded them here.


04 2012

O Hai

Remember this piece?

Well, it’s up for sale on the Periscope Etsy! You can see a better photo there. This was done on bristol board, with watercolor and ink. I did this while at Emerald City Comic Con 2011, for no one in particular. It just popped into my head. So perhaps you could argue that I drew it just for you.;)


03 2011

Caught up!

Here are the last of the drawings to catch me up with my 365 blog! If you don’t follow me on Facebook, I should tell you that I’ve been scheming to become relevant here at Periscope. It’s a topic I often discuss with studiomate, Ben Dewey. I mentioned to Ben that I ought to start doing some sample pages so I can work on my storytelling, and maybe hash out a more serious, mainstream voice to add to my arsenal. The next day, I show up to the studio, and there is a section out of a Punisher script sitting on my desk.
I look at Ben and say “Uh…. I don’t really think the Punisher is my style…” And Ben explains to me how that’s the true beauty of it. “You said you were worried about being pigeon-holed, right? Why not step outside your comfort zone and do something you know is going to be a serious challenge for you?”
He is right, and I am gearing up to do two Punisher sample pages. Sadly, the scene is just Nick Fury and Frank Castle sitting in a bar and having a cold, emotionless discussion. But I can challenge myself to make this as interesting to look at as possible nonetheless! It’s gonna be great! F’reals, folks.
Here are some preparatory sketches I’ve been doing, trying to hammer out a style, proportions, etc. Keen viewers may notice where I start taking some cues from the amazing, super talented and friendly Dustin Nguyen. Hopefully he doesn’t mind…








02 2011