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A Few Of My Favorite Things

Remember that Portal sketch I did a while back? I finally got around to coloring it.  Now I look obsessed!


07 2011

Put Our Science To The Test!

For Periscope’s Sketch Challenge this week, we’re doing Disney Princesses. I decided to mash up Beauty And The Beast with Portal. Because, you know… Belle…Chell….get it?X3


06 2011


First up, some Portal fan art! I just finished playing it last week, with the help of Ron. We kind of went back and forth on who played and who watched. Here we have Chell, sitting on the weighted companion cube, eating some cake! Suck it, GlaDos!
I will probably get around to cleaning this up and making a print out of it, with color and everything. One of these days…..


Did you know this year is the year of the rabbit? Well…. now you do.


Yesterday, I went to visit my friend, Temris. She has two cats and a husband at her house, and by far the goofiest thing I have ever seen is her cat, Andy. The floofiest of floofy kitties!



01 2011