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Magic times

I was sitting at the lunch table at Periscope Studio a few weeks ago, and Natalie Nourigat asked me to draw myself as a magical witch. So, here is what I came up with in my sketchbook off the top of my head.


08 2012

Hark, A Tarsier!

Fellow studiomate Ben Dewey told me he wanted to see me draw a tarsier, since it looked like something I would have invented anyhow. So I obliged him, and this is the result!


07 2012

Japan Week Auction!

Hey everyone!

We’re into the last 24 hours for my Japan Week piece! The bidding ends tomorrow afternoon. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the Ebay page and look at the pieces there, you should go now! Click here! Both my piece and my studiomate, Aaron McConnell’s, piece are into the final throws! Don’t miss out on a fantastic chance to get some great art, and help out the people of Japan at the same time.
All proceeds from these sales will be donated directly to Mercy Corps, who are working with the Japanese charity and aid group Peace Winds. Your dollars will go directly to helping the people over there in the most need.
This auction has been a great success already, and I could have asked for a better group of artists to go in on this endeavor with. While you’re there, my studiomates Natalie Nourigat, Ben Dewey, and Jonathan Case have pieces up as well, and you should really give them a look. If you’re strapped for cash but still want to help, share this post, share the Ebay link! Pass it around so we can spread the word and do the most possible good!

Thanks everyone!!!


04 2011




04 2011

Now on E-Bay!

Hey folks! My watercolor piece is now up for bids on E-Bay! You can bid on it, along with pieces from my other studiomates here.
It will be up for 7 days, so head on over!


03 2011

Stumble Seven Times, Recover Eight.

This is my contribution to Periscope Studio’s Japan Week art auction. It was done on 500 Series Bristol, with watercolors and ink. The inscription down the side reads: “From my heart, for the sake of Japan. 2011”
Anyone who knows me knows that I love Japan. I spent a year living in a small town called Tomiya, an hour north of Sendai, in Miyagi Prefecture. You can imagine my dismay when a friend of mine directed me towards NHK World News on the night of March 10th.
I have since learned my hometown was spared much of the destruction the rest of the prefecture has experienced, but many places I am familiar with were not. This piece is set in the coastal town of Matushima. I took many trips out there while I lived in Japan. It is on register as the third most beautiful place in Japan, a sprawling coastal city surrounded by tiny islands covered in pine trees. They have temples, shrines, and multi-million dollar fireworks displays in the summer time.
After taking a direct hit from the tsunami that followed the March 11th earthquake, Matsushima is little more than a wasteland. I can’t even begin to imagine how everyone here is going to pick up the pieces and start over again, but I know that they will. If there is one thing the Japanese are good at, it’s putting things back to right as fast as possible.
For my piece, I wanted to reflect on a happier time for Matsushima in the past, and wish for a happier time to exist in the future. These two girls are dressed in their summer kimono, “yukata,” and posing in front of Godaido Shrine. I hope that it isn’t too long before people can experience something like this in Matsushima again, and I hope that the money made from this piece will help make that happen.

This piece is up for auction on Periscope Studio’s E-Bay page. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Peace Winds, a Japanese charity that is working alongside Mercy Corps. While you’re there, have a look at the work my colleagues have done, too! So many great pieces for a very worthy cause!


03 2011

Ellie! There’s a giant tentacle….

Another latecomer for the Periscope Sketch challenge.
Can you tell what I’ve been playing recently? I have never pegged myself as a horror-genre gamer, but I was always secretly jealous of the people I knew who would play Silent Hill games in the dark, with surround sound. I felt like they were having a creepy experience that might be potentially delicious in it’s adrenaline-soaked terror. Does that sentence even make sense?
Either way, after playing Bioshock, I got a taste for scary games, and my most recent pursuit was Dead Space. I’m glad Ron let me play it, because this game was probably the most terrifying game I have played in my life. Ever.
Despite having a little trouble getting to sleep some nights, the intense fear I felt while sharing some time with Isaac Clarke was half the fun of the game. Who doesn’t want to spend their Saturday night alone, in the dark, screaming at their tv screen while pressing R1 as fast as humanly possible?X3



03 2011

O Hai

Remember this piece?

Well, it’s up for sale on the Periscope Etsy! You can see a better photo there. This was done on bristol board, with watercolor and ink. I did this while at Emerald City Comic Con 2011, for no one in particular. It just popped into my head. So perhaps you could argue that I drew it just for you.;)


03 2011


Don’t ask me what it is. It just… came out of my head and ended up on the page.



02 2011


Sea creatures!




01 2011