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Erika Moen is AWESOME.


Because she is.

I originally had some other sketch planned to go up as 042 today, but I changed my mind. I was going through my web stats today, and discovered that someone had gone to my website using a search term disparaging one of my favorite studiomates. That made me really damn sad.

Erika Moen is one of the most awesome, talented, kind-hearted, free-minded people I have ever had the pleasure of associating with. Her art encompasses everything from modeling for photographs, to drawing webcomics, to creating fine art inspired by iconography, and a bunch of rad stuff in between! I’m really proud to be a part of the same comics studio as someone so inspiring as Erika.

I did this drawing in the style of some of Erika’s sweet iconographic art. You can see them here.

Also, Erika has a brand new webcomic she’s working on with writer and fellow studiomate, Jeff Parker. It’s called Bucko! If you like dick and fart jokes AND mysteries, you’re going to love it!

Now I want to do fan art for everyone at Periscope!<3


02 2011

Peoples’ Periscope

Hey folks! OPB’s show Oregon Art Beat was talking about Periscope Studio tonight! They go behind the scenes to find out what we’re all about. I even made it on camera for a bit! Check it out!


10 2010

The Erika Moen Show!

For anyone who missed it, Susan Tardif and I were on the Erika Moen Show last night! It was tons of fun, and you don’t have to miss out! It was recorded! So check it out!
Watch it!

Now, I was told that I was a little hard on myself, and I do apologize, but as any artist can tell you, it can be hard to speak very well of yourself sometimes.  It’s not that I think I’m a bad artist who’s not worth her salt, but I don’t want to sound like a concieted ego-maniac either.  I promise, I’m trying to find the happy middle ground….

Also, when asked about web comics I like, I forgot to mention JONNY CROSSBONES BY LES McCLAINE!!!!!!  Les, forgive me!!!!  I completely spaced.  But seriously!  Go check it out, because it is amazing.:’}

Jonny Crossbones!

All right!  I think that about does it!  Thank you so much, Erika, for having us on!  It was a blast!

Right!!!  You should also TOTALLY check out Erika’s awesome web comic, DAR!
A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary!

Now enjoy!  And thanks to everyone who showed up last night to give us support.  It meant a lot!:’}


01 2009