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Flaccid Holidays


Hooray! The Periscope Studio Kickstarter is up to $21837! As promised, here is that Flaccid Badger holiday card. If you click the picture, you can download the web version. Send it to your Faceboook friends, link it on Twitter, add it to a holiday e-mail, whatever! It’s time to spread some seasonal cheer.:D

I’m also including a link to the full-res version, so if you want to print it off and give it to someone in person, you can!

Get the full-res version!

We are still about $3200 away from funding our Kickstarter, and only have 4 days left! We need your help to make it! Even $1 gets us closer to our goal. Can we count on your support? Click here and take a look at some of the rad rewards being offered, as well as a preview of some of the fantastic art that will be going into our art books if we get this thing funded!

If this Kickstarter makes it, you can bet that one with an artbook of mine won’t be too far behind! So kick us a couple of bucks!


12 2013

Roy’s Boys: Year Two, and ECCC 2013!

Hi again!

I’m back yet again, with two pieces of info that you might be into.

1) My lovely boy, Ron Chan, just received his copies of Roy’s Boys: Year Two! It collects the second year of his webstrip with buddy, Sean Kelley, and is possibly full of even funnier strips than the Year One book. Also, I did some fan art that appears in the back of the book!




2) I will be appearing at Emerald City Comic Con 2013 this year! I’m super excited to be a part of the radical show once again. Also, a reminder, my work will be appearing the the Monsters And Dames book this year, so be sure to check that out as well.

3) (Ok, so I was mistaken, I have three things to say!) There will be new Flaccid Badger debuting at ECCC! Be sure to stop by my table at Periscope Island to check out Flaccid Badger’s Spring Break, and pick up a fun Flaccid Badger Super Pack from me while I still have some!

All right, that’s everything! See you at the show!:D


02 2013

Flaccid Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate, make it a happy one!


12 2011

For All My Homies

Ok, so it’s a day late for most folks, BUT STILL. Be safe out there!



07 2011

New for Stumptown!

I’m going to be at Stumptown! You can come see me at table B-24. I’ll have copies of Flaccid Badger 1 and 2, Legend of Larsha: Imaginational Magic, as well as some swell prints!
Speaking of swell prints, these brand-spanking new Flaccid Badger prints are going to make their debut at Stumptown! Here is a sneak peak for you while I finish them up!

Flaccid Badger:

Blind Elk:

Disgruntled Bear:


04 2011

F is for Flaccid

Hey folks!

I’ve got a new Flaccid Badger book in the works, and I want your help to make it. Here’s the deal:
The third book in the installment is going to be Flaccid Badger’s Forest Friends A-Z. I am currently soliciting suggestions from you, my friends, readers, and passers by. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed that I will use whatever you suggest, however. I’m simply looking for help brainstorming. But, if I really like your suggestion, I just might use it in the new book, and thank you in the printing.
Not a huge reward, I know. But if you’re still interested, here are the rules:

Please, nothing profane. I know Flaccid Badger sounds dirty, but it’s G/PG-Rated, and I want to keep it that way.

I’m trying to stay away from alliterations if I can. None of the current characters use double letters, and if at all possible, I’d like to maintain that standard.

The animals are going to be listed off alphabetically by the adjective that precedes it. For example: F is for Flaccid Badger.

Here are the animals I already have:

Flaccid Badger
Obese Squirrel
Blind Elk
Disgruntled Bear

That’s it! If you have a suggestion, tweet it to me! I’m @cattifer. You can also e-mail me, or comment here on this post.

Also, don’t forget, I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, all three days! I’ve got copies of both issues of Flaccid Badger, as well as buttons, prints, and copies of Legend of Larsha! I’ll be taking commissions as well, so if you’d like to have me sketch anything at all(maybe a Flaccid Badger universe character of your own creation?), let me know!


03 2011

APE is Grape!

I’m going to be tabling at APE in San Francisco this weekend! I’ll be perched at table #714, right alongside Sean Kelley, and Ashley Burke!
Come say hi! I’ll have copies of Flaccid Badger, buttons, and prints! Including prints of my Wonder Woman Day 2010 piece! I’ll also be taking commissions and doing sketches. I can’t wait!!


10 2010

My Flaccid Valentine

Sorry for the lack of updating last week. I just came off a very demanding job! But the good news is, I finished yesterday! Hopefully I’ll be able to post some of the work I did one of these days…
But for now, it’s time for Friday sketchblog! Since Valentines Day is tomorrow, have a Valentine, Flaccid Badger style!


02 2009