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I sat down to start penciling my Punisher sample pages today, when I realized I didn’t feel like I had concretely worked out how I want to draw either character. Ron suggested I draw a full-body sketch of both the main characters and settle it that way. So here’s Frank. Are you sick of seeing me draw the same thing over and over yet?


02 2011

Catch up from the weekend

Here are saturday and sunday’s sketches that I skipped in favor of my Valentine’s Day post.




02 2011

Caught up!

Here are the last of the drawings to catch me up with my 365 blog! If you don’t follow me on Facebook, I should tell you that I’ve been scheming to become relevant here at Periscope. It’s a topic I often discuss with studiomate, Ben Dewey. I mentioned to Ben that I ought to start doing some sample pages so I can work on my storytelling, and maybe hash out a more serious, mainstream voice to add to my arsenal. The next day, I show up to the studio, and there is a section out of a Punisher script sitting on my desk.
I look at Ben and say “Uh…. I don’t really think the Punisher is my style…” And Ben explains to me how that’s the true beauty of it. “You said you were worried about being pigeon-holed, right? Why not step outside your comfort zone and do something you know is going to be a serious challenge for you?”
He is right, and I am gearing up to do two Punisher sample pages. Sadly, the scene is just Nick Fury and Frank Castle sitting in a bar and having a cold, emotionless discussion. But I can challenge myself to make this as interesting to look at as possible nonetheless! It’s gonna be great! F’reals, folks.
Here are some preparatory sketches I’ve been doing, trying to hammer out a style, proportions, etc. Keen viewers may notice where I start taking some cues from the amazing, super talented and friendly Dustin Nguyen. Hopefully he doesn’t mind…








02 2011