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OMG! New art!

It’s not much, but I added a few new sketches from some past life drawing sessions. Check it out, why don’t you?


04 2009

New things!

Hey folks! I’ve been hard at work here in wordpress land, trying my best to get this site up and going. The fruits of my labors today are some new additions to the existing galleries, as well as a life drawing album with two galleries in it! Visit my gallery page and have a look, won’t you?

I promise one of these days I’ll actually get to customizing the theme so it will display some of my own artwork, rather than a design by someone else…


08 2008

New Art!

Hey folks!  I added a new picture to my Fantasy Art Gallery!  It’s just a quick sketch, but I was happy with it, so I threw it online.  Go look!


07 2008