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Flaccid Holidays


Hooray! The Periscope Studio Kickstarter is up to $21837! As promised, here is that Flaccid Badger holiday card. If you click the picture, you can download the web version. Send it to your Faceboook friends, link it on Twitter, add it to a holiday e-mail, whatever! It’s time to spread some seasonal cheer.:D

I’m also including a link to the full-res version, so if you want to print it off and give it to someone in person, you can!

Get the full-res version!

We are still about $3200 away from funding our Kickstarter, and only have 4 days left! We need your help to make it! Even $1 gets us closer to our goal. Can we count on your support? Click here and take a look at some of the rad rewards being offered, as well as a preview of some of the fantastic art that will be going into our art books if we get this thing funded!

If this Kickstarter makes it, you can bet that one with an artbook of mine won’t be too far behind! So kick us a couple of bucks!


12 2013

Flaccid Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate, make it a happy one!


12 2011