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Come Sail Away With Me!

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with meeeeeee!

An illustration I did for a present.


06 2011

Fun With Liquids

Hello one and all,

Sorry it seems like I never update anymore. Prep for Stumptown plus my goldfish taking very ill and needing emergency care have kind of kept me from drawing as much in my off hours. However, things will soon be back to normal! I hope!

In the meantime, take a gander at this test I did for work. It didn’t end up getting used for anything, but it sure was fun to do.


04 2010

Monsters and Dames

Well, I pushed myself hard to do an illustration for this year’s ECCC edition of Monsters and Dames. Of course, since no one had asked me to do one, and no one was expecting it, it probably won’t be in the book. However, I’m still not sorry I did it. I worked hard, used a bunch of new techniques, and completed it several days before the deadline. Now I have a nifty illustration I think I can be proud of, and will probably sell prints of this at cons.
If nothing else, all of my friends were doing awesome work for this, and I really wanted to be a part of it, and prove to myself that I can produce work. Nothing makes me feel worse than wondering if I’m just posing as someone in the art community in which I exist, or if I actually have the skills and drive to fit in.
Anyhow! Check it out! This piece is also doing double duty as concept art for a short film I’m working on in my spare time at Fashionbuddha. Of which I have very little, but still, I can do this!



11 2009

Unirus: Now in Color!

Hey! I had some spare time, so I digitally inked and colored the unirus. Enjoy!


11 2009

Stuck in my head #4

Had some fun with this! Enjoy!


10 2009

Stuck in my head #3

Hey!  It’s an update, finally!  My web service provider crapped out on my this week, preventing me from posting this earlier.  But here is another drawing of something that’s been stuck in my head.  This one started out as an exercise in tablet drawing.  I forgot my sketchbook the other day, so I pulled out the wacom, hoping to get more comfortable drawing with it.  I think the results were pretty decent, though nothing inks like a real brush.  I’ll just have to figure out how to build a brush that’s similar, I guess.

I also tried to put some of the cool coloring tips that the ever-talented Ward Jenkins  gave me a while back.  Thanks, Ward! I hope I did ok!



10 2009

Stuff in my head 2

In keeping with the “sentences stuck in my head” theme, here’s another…



09 2009

Stuck in my head

Hey! I know it’s been ages since I updated, so here is a little something. I’ve been noticing that single sentences have been getting stuck in my head recently, so I’d like to try and illustrate them and get them out of my head. If I can stay focused, this should be one in a series of many.




09 2009