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Emily and the Strangers!

Hi guys! I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be doing sweet, sweet art for the next three issues of Emily and the Strangers with Dark Horse Comics!

I’ll try to post some non-spoilery art things here from time to time, and some process stuff as well!

In the meantime, get PUMPED for the new issues by reading this Geek and Sundry exclusive interview with Emily creator Rob Reger, and my writer, Mariah Huehner! They even threw in a few pieces of my art for good measure.:D

Here are some character sketches I did of the characters!

emily sketch emilysketch_2 emilysketch_3 emilysketch_4



02 2014

The Erika Moen Show!

For anyone who missed it, Susan Tardif and I were on the Erika Moen Show last night! It was tons of fun, and you don’t have to miss out! It was recorded! So check it out!
Watch it!

Now, I was told that I was a little hard on myself, and I do apologize, but as any artist can tell you, it can be hard to speak very well of yourself sometimes.  It’s not that I think I’m a bad artist who’s not worth her salt, but I don’t want to sound like a concieted ego-maniac either.  I promise, I’m trying to find the happy middle ground….

Also, when asked about web comics I like, I forgot to mention JONNY CROSSBONES BY LES McCLAINE!!!!!!  Les, forgive me!!!!  I completely spaced.  But seriously!  Go check it out, because it is amazing.:’}

Jonny Crossbones!

All right!  I think that about does it!  Thank you so much, Erika, for having us on!  It was a blast!

Right!!!  You should also TOTALLY check out Erika’s awesome web comic, DAR!
A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary!

Now enjoy!  And thanks to everyone who showed up last night to give us support.  It meant a lot!:’}


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