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Emerald City is the best around!

I’m back from Emerald City Comic Con 2011, with pictures and high praise! I had a really great time meeting fans and new folks alike, as well as doing lots of sketches! It was so great to see everyone.
Now I am going to be cheap, and use my con sketches to help me catch up on my daily sketch blog. Most of the pictures are less than great quality, as all I had time to do before handing off the drawing was snap a quick picture with my old iphone. I hope you enjoy them anyhow!


She-Ra, Princess of Power!
My first sketch of the con, commissioned about 5 minutes after the doors opened on Friday! Best start to a convention ever.


Poison Ivy
This was one I did for myself, rather than someone else. She sat on my table and attracted some business for me, as well as a few people who thought she was Tinkerbell…


Basil, from The Great Mouse Detective.
Commissioned by a little girl dressed as Underdog!


A Kiwi bird.
This was a blast to draw. I love kiwi birds!


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Snakes!


Dylan and Rhys as Batman and Superman
I was asked to draw someone’s cousins(or was it nephews?^^;) as Batman and Superman! This was really challenging, but also very rewarding. The man who commissioned it took this scan for me.:)


Parrot Girl
Based on Hawkgirl. This was a portrait of someone’s girlfriend, who happens to be in the parrot business!


A leopard
Commissioned by a very little, very adorable girl with a tiny sketchbook.

Thank you everyone for coming out and helping to make ECCC 2011 such a great show!


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