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Life Drawing Returns!

It’s been a while since I sidled up to the old life drawing board. Well, sketchbook, really, but it doesn’t matter. I managed to get a few good things out of the session this time. My last few have been…well… they’ve been, to say the least.

This time, I was determined to get some good art out of it! To start, I decided that I’ve been getting too “precious” with my gesture sketching lately. This time around, I used my Pentel pocketbrush for the gestures, and saw a big difference. I got to take back some of the fluidity and spontaneity I used to have with my quicker work.

The rest of the night went in a slightly different direction. I’m trying to find ways to draw a little more realistically, but keep a cartoony feel to it. It’s fun to branch out.
I just wish I’d had a way to do ink washes, because these drawings took less time than I thought, and they are a little lacking in tone. Still, overlooking a few anatomy errors here and there, I think I achieved my goal. I’ll be trying this again next session!


05 2012

Life Drawing: Part 2

As promised, here is more life drawing! This time from this month.

Gesture sketching is probably my favorite part of life drawing. Since I studied as a traditional animator in college, I love drawing fast, expressive things! These were 1 minute, which seems long to me for gestures. I’m used to getting 30 seconds at most!

Even when the poses get longer, I try to keep things as loose as I can.

 Sometimes the model hits the perfect pose, and I actually manage to take advantage of it!

When I have 30 minutes to do a drawing, I try to pay attention not just to the figure, but also to the setting. Even a small suggestion of setting can really give your drawing something special.


07 2011

Life Drawing: Part 1

I’ve gotten back into the habit of doing life drawing again lately, so I decided I would start posting them up here for you folks to have a look at. These were done last month, and they were my first foray back into life drawing after at least a year off. You can really see me trying hard to get my brain back into life drawing mode with these.


Which is fine, because that’s part of drawing sometimes. You swap your brain into different modes for different jobs and occasions.


I like the challenge provided by drawing from life. Especially since I’ve spent a lot of time doing cartoony stuff recently. And to be fair, even my life drawing tends to get a little cartoony most times, but there is a certain way I approach it that’s different from when I’m drawing characters out of my head.


Even though these drawings are somewhat cartoony, I try hard to use life drawing as an opportunity to observe light, and the human form as best I can.


But I also try not to get too caught up in doing tight renderings.


Half the fun of life drawing for me is the sense of spontaneity it allows me to keep in my art. Especially because most poses don’t last longer than 15 minutes.


Of course, as you can see in the drawing above, not every drawing is a winner, and I sometimes get distracted after I realized I’ve completely botched a pose. I’ll usually doodle in the margins until the time is up.


If ¬†it’s a really long pose, sometimes I’ll finish a full body sketch, and then move on to individual studies of things I think I need more work on(read: Hands).

Part two coming on Monday!


07 2011

OMG! New art!

It’s not much, but I added a few new sketches from some past life drawing sessions. Check it out, why don’t you?


04 2009