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Candide, or “Optimism”!

Last night, the Portland Opera folks were kind enough to let us sit in on the dress rehearsal of their latest production: “Candide”. Out of all the lovely productions they’ve invited us to in the past, I think Candide reigns as my personal favorite. It was funny, well-sung/acted, and has a woman with only one buttock! How can you not love it? But don’t just take my word for it. If you live in the are and would like to experience Candide for yourself, I have a special offer for 50% of tickets! Sweet, huh? Just follow this link: and use the password GLITTER.

Also, many thanks to Morton’s Steakhouse for providing us with lovely free wine and food, including excellent mini steak sandwiches! It’s always such a treat to feel pampered for an evening.

I got quite a few sketches out of the evening, and I’m posting them all here for your enjoyment!


05 2012

I know this is cheating, but…

I need to catch up on my 365 blog! So have some sketches, people. These are composed of sketches I did while I was in Hawaii, my sketchy note-taking from Turandot, and some character design stuff I’ve been working through.
















02 2011

A Night At The Opera: Part 3!

Well hello, there. I realize it’s been waaaay too long since I updated. I have sketches, I swear! I will catch up on my 365 blog just as soon as I finish some work for a client today.

But in the meantime, how about having a look at the one piece that came out of my trip to the opera the other night? We saw Turandot! The music in that is incredible, but I don’t understand why Puccini thought Turandot sounded like an asian name. Oh well!

In the story, a foreigner comes to China seeking the hand of the beautiful princess, Turandot. Unfortunately for him, he has to answer her three riddle correctly or he’l be put to death instead. Government servants, Ping, Pang, and Pong(pictured in the colored suits), try to warn the foreigner that he really shouldn’t accept the challenge. Apparently Turandot isn’t worth dying for.
However, as you can see, blinded by his desire for the princess, the foreigner rings the gong anyhow, much to the dismay of everyone.

Check it!


02 2011

A Night at the Opera, Part 2

The Portland Opera invited us cartoonists back for another night of fun and drawing on November 1st! We got to see the dress rehearsal of Hansel and Gretel, which had a different feel to it than Pagliacci/Carmina Burana.
I took my drawing in a more cartoony direction this time, and managed to bring a book lamp so I could actually see my paper!
Have a look at what I came up with!


11 2010