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My friend and studiomate, Ron Randall, is launching his Trekker series as a webcomic! To celebrate, myself and fellow Periscopers have been doing Trekker fan art. This is my piece!

If you want to find out more about Trekker, click here.


09 2011

Dude! Is someone eating a banana??


Some more Periscope fan art. I used to sit next to Ron Randall every day. He’s not usually this indignant, but I do tend to give him a hard time. Often. I kind of think of him as a second dad, as he’s always willing to give advice not just about art, but about life in general. He also likes bananas.
No matter how foolish my question, Ron has always been willing to answer it. I owe a lot of my advancements as an artist to advice Ron has given me over the years!


02 2011

Peoples’ Periscope

Hey folks! OPB’s show Oregon Art Beat was talking about Periscope Studio tonight! They go behind the scenes to find out what we’re all about. I even made it on camera for a bit! Check it out!


10 2010