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Wake Up And Kumoricon!


Today was Wake Up And Draw Day, celebrating Jack Kirby, and benefiting The Hero Initiative! Everyone involved was asked to wake up and draw one thing, so of course I thought of Wolverine! Of course, I missed the part where almost everyone was doing actual Jack Kirby characters this year… Hopefully no one is too insulted! v.v


It’s my understanding that you’ll be able to buy this at some point. I’ll keep you posted!

In other news, this weekend is Kumoricon! I’ll be there, tabling with some of my studiomates, and selling my usual things. Brand new for the show are a set of four prints of my interpretations of Homestuck characters! I am part of a blog that takes text descriptions of Homestuck characters, and then attempts to draw them based solely on how folks describe them to us in words. It’s been really fun, so check it out here if you’re curious!

Here’s my Karkat:

karkatAnyhow, I hope to see some of you at Kumoricon this weekend!


08 2013

ECCC 2013! Thank you all!

Hi folks! I know this is coming in a little late, but I wanted to have a wrap-up post for ECCC this year!

It was great to meet everyone that came by the table, and your feedback on my work was completely energizing! I sincerely cannot tell you how much it meant to me. It was a great show, and I am looking forward to doing it again next year!

Thanks especially to everyone who bought copies of Flaccid Badger!

I also got to do a lot of fun commissions this year, and will post them below for you to see. If by any chance you happen to be the lady I painted the buffalo commission for, would you be willing to send me a picture or scan? It was the only one I forgot to document for my records!


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03 2013

My Wolverine, Let Me Show You It.

I drew Wolverine. Because he is a badass, and I have been waiting my entire professional(and unprofessional) career to draw him. It just now hit me that I don’t have to draw like Jim Lee, or anyone else, to draw Wolverine. Sad, huh? But better late than never!


09 2011