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Women of Wonder Day wrap-up!

As most of you know, I had the pleasure of being a guest at this year’s Women of Wonder Day event at Excalibur Comics! I sgared a table with a bunch of fantastic artists, and did some commissions for donations to Bradley Angel, a domestic violence victim charity.

It was truly a pleasure, and I enjoyed seeing so many of you come out and support the cause! Here are a few of my favorite commissions from the event.

Birds of Prey!

Dorothy and Toto!


11 2011

Don’t Forget! Women of Wonder Day!

Hey folks! Just to let you know, my painting of Toph and Katara is up for bidding on Ebay! It’s sitting in the ranks of some very fine art by lots of great folks, so I am super honored. Why not have a look at all the pieces and place a bid? All the proceeds go to support victims of domestic violence, so it’s going for a fantastic cause!
Also, I will be at the official Women of Wonder Day event in Portland, at Excalibur Comics! I’ll be there from 3-6, signing and sketching! Come and see me!


10 2011

Women of Wonder Day!

Here is my finished piece for Women of Wonder Day, 2011! I had such a fun time doing this piece, I think I’ll be a little sorry to let it out of my hands. But it means that YOU, dear reader, have a chance to own it! The money is all going for a great cause, so why not familiarize yourself with?


09 2011

Women of Wonder Day!

Here’s a rough pencil preview of my Women of Wonder Day 2012 piece! I can’t wait to finish this off!


09 2011